Outcome of voting on school levies

Outcome of voting on school levies on November 5th, 2019


Here is the of the results of the voting. Almost all levies were for new money. For example, to repair or build new facilities and fund school operations. In addition, there were requests to fund technology and other services.

Here’s a look at the results of a few districts.


Burnsville Eagan Savage School District 191


Here the voters passed the increase in money for operations by 61 percent. And the levy replaces two ones. This is a $84.00 a year increase for a $250.000 home. Finally, the district is facing a budget gap of about 5 million. And even with this levy passing will need to close several schools.


White Bear Lake School District 624

In short, wow! To put it differently the voters passed a historic $324 million capital levy. And this will be for districtwide construction projects. For example, a new elementary in Hugo and an updated high school.  All projects to be completed by 2024.


Rosemount Apple Valley Eagan School District 196

Again, here the voters backed the request by 64 percent. This was to replace an existing levy. Also, it brings in an additional $18 million a year. Additionally, district leaders say some budget cuts will also be needed. Amounted to $300 a year for a $286,000 home.


Mounds View School District 621

Another instance of replacing levies with one. And this will add $12 million more a year in new revenue. Above all, this will put the school district on strong financial footing for the next decade. Finally, it will cost an owner of a $275,000 home $336 more a year.


Lakeville School District 194

Here we have a number of things going on. First, the voters approved tow tax requests. And that gives the district 4.3 million of new funds. This will be for more teachers and counselors. Second, was the capital levy for $43 million. And this is for athletic facilities, technology and security upgrades. Specifically, the athletic facilities are a gym addition, a new pool and practice fields.


Spring Lake Park District 16

Likewise, we find overwhelming support for our schools in this district. Voters approved renewal of two existing levies. These were for operations and the other for security and technology.