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We are blessed in the State of Minnesota. We are nationally known to have maybe the best state system for public schools. In every national rating we are in the top five and many cases number one. In addition, to a great learning environment for our children, we also have exceptional athletics and pre-college education. Minnesota is also rated as the best state to raise a family, the healthiest state in America, the best state for a single woman with children and we offer a quality of life that is almost impossible to find anywhere else.

To complement our schools is the experience this state offers families. We are the State of Lakes and have more water shoreline than Alaska and California combined. Many families rent or purchase a summer cabin and those are the memories and experiences we never forget. Minnesota fills our youth with great experiences and a good work ethic. We have four seasons in Minnesota. Many think the same weather all year round in a warm climate might is better, but we disagree. The seasons gives our children a wide variety of activities and opportunities and they learn to live in an environment that also gives them mental toughness and determination.

We embrace our great education, our unique and beautiful climate, over 10,000 lakes and the quality of life that helps develop our children into the adults we are proud of.

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