Minnesota has top ACT scores

Minnesota has top ACT scores

Good news if your children go to school in Minnesota. With states that at least 95% percent of their students take the ACT. The results are in…we are number one!

How many states are in the group

This group includes 17 states. Here is the list and their scores. Many where in the Midwest. Like Wisconsin, North Dakota and Ohio.

Minnesota 21.4

National average 20.7

Utah 20.3

Wisconsin 20.3

Nebraska 20

Ohio 20

North Dakota 19.9

Kentucky 19.8

Montana 19.8

Wyoming 19.8

Tennessee 19.4

Arkansas 19.3

North Carolina 19

Alabama 18.9

Oklahoma 18.9

Louisiana 18.8

Mississippi 18.4

Nevada 17.9

What 2020 will bring?

ACT officials announced earlier this year new guidelines. So, in September 2020 student have the option of retaking sections of the test. Instead of the entire test. This will then enable kids to have a “superscore.” Thereby a student with an ACT score of the highest test results in each section.

What does Mary Cathryn Ricker say?

Our State Education Commissioner said she is pleased with the results. But sees room for improvement. Last year Minnesota had 21.3 State average. In other words, proud but not satisfied. In comparison to 21.4 this year. That is out of a maximum of 36.

What does ACT say

For the most part officials are pleased with the results. However, they noted wide gaps of proficiency between certain groups. Like student from low-income families.

Other ACT changes coming

Finally, ACT is joining the modern world. Namely, using computer-based testing. Instead of taking the test with paper and pencils.

Where do I find information on MN Schools

Visit School Districts for information on Minnesota schools. This database was created to provide helpful school information. Especially, when you are looking to buy a house.


Lastly, you can rest assured your children are getting a great education in Minnesota. Coupled with the healthiest State in the Nation. And rated as best place in the nation to raise a family. We find Minnesota a hidden gem!