Best Colleges in Minnesota

Best Colleges Minnesota

The state of Minnesota holds great pride in the colleges they offer. As they should since they are home to some of the best colleges in the Nation and Minnesota. There are roughly 200 colleges and universities throughout the state. Similarly, many of the best colleges in Minnesota are right here in the Twin Cities, including the equally impressive Universities. Furthermore, this includes prominent liberal arts colleges.

The University of Minnesota, located in Minneapolis, is one of the largest research institutions in the country. What makes this university one of the best colleges in Minnesota and in the country? There are often a few university applicants lucky enough to secure an opportunity to research. Its campus is located within an hour drive from Macalester College and Carleton College. Macalester and Carleton are two of the nation’s most prestigious liberal arts schools. A mix of colleges, all differing in size, throughout the state of Minnesota. This includes, but is not limited to, cities such as Winona, Duluth, and Mankato. Fun fact, Minnesota is also home to a handful of tribal colleges.


Evaluating Colleges

Therefore, when you sit down to begin your evaluations of the colleges on your list, take some time to consider numerous factors. Specifically, you will want to consider offered courses, location, and top 3 on the list to consider should be tuition. While making the decision on a school should not be based solely on cost, it should be highly considered. Most noteworthy, there are plenty of schools that are out there, offering what you’re looking for, for a lower tuition. For example, higher cost does not equal higher quality. Many colleges, including some of the best colleges in Minnesota, are aware of this and have, made an effort to increase their affordability and appeal to prospective applicants. Recently, MnSCU schools waived application fees for one month. You read that right!

Listed below is a list of the top 10 best colleges in Minnesota with links to a short summary page for each school.


Top 10 Best Colleges in Minnesota



1 Carleton College
2 Macalester College
3 St Olaf College
4 College of Saint Benedict
5 Saint Johns University
6 Gustavus Adolphus College
7 Bethel University (MN)
8 University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
9 Augsburg University

University of St Thomas (MN)