Lakeville – District 194

School District Name:

Website: (Coverage Map)

Contact Information

(952) 232-2000
8670 210th Street West
Lakeville, MN 55044

Staff/Student Ratio

Elementary School: 22:1
Middle School: 28:1
High School: N/A:1


Buses: Yes

National Merit Scholars

National Merit Scholars: N/A
Commended: 12
Semi-finalist: 7
Finalist: 0

Percentage of Schools Accredited

Elementary School: 100%
Middle School: 100%
High School: 100%

Certified Staff

Elementary Art: Yes
Elementary Phys Ed: Yes
Elementary Music: Yes
Elementary Media: Yes
Number of Non-Athletic
Extracurricular Activites: 22

Percentage Staff Degrees

Bachelors: 100%
Masters: 68%
PhD: 3%



Baseball: Boys
Basketball: Boys/Girls
Cross Country Running: Boys/Girls
Cross Country Skiing: Boys/Girls
Competition Cheer: N/A
Dance Team: N/A
Downhill Skiing: N/A
Football: Boys
Golf: Boys/Girls
Gymanstics: Girls
Ice Hockey: Boys/Girls
Lacrosse: N/A
Soccer: Boys/Girls
Softball: N/A
Swimming: Boys/Girls
Tennis: Boys
Track & Field: Boys/Girls
Volleyball: Girls
Wrestling: Boys
Badminton: N/A

Intramural Programs Offered:
Basketball: Boys/Girls
Badminton: Boys/Girls

Classes Offered

Middle School:

High School:
Advanced Computers
Advanced Calculus

ACT Statistics

Average ACT Score: 22.7
Percentage of Students Taking ACT: 80%

SAT Statistics

Average Math Score: 569
Average Verbal Score: 571
Percentage of Students Taking SAT: 80%

Superintendent & Director Information




Phone No.

Superintendent of Schools Benjamin Kanninen (952) 707-2000
Guidance Services John Boche (952) 469-7988
Special Education Services Renae Ouillette (952) 469-7104
Director of Fine Arts Byron Olson (952) 469-7989
Athletic Director Byron Olson (952) 469-7989
General Information Linda Swanson (952) 469-7125
Gifted and Talented Director Karla McHugh (952) 469-7230
Computer Education Director Greg Utecht (952) 469- 7111
Curriculum Barbara Knudsen (952) 469-7336
School District 194 – Lakeville
School Website
School Contact Mr. Gary Amoroso

ISD 194, Lakeville Area Public Schools, serves students in Dakota County and Scott County, and covers 86 square miles, including most of Lakeville, parts of Burnsville and Elko, and portions of Eureka, Credit River and New Market Townships. Student population has doubled in the past decade, to over 11,100 students, and is expected to approach 15,000 over the next 20 years.

There are nine elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8) and two high schools (9-12). Our second high school, Lakeville South High School, opened in the 2005-6 school year. The ninth elementary school (Oak Hills Elementary) and third junior high (Century Junior High) were opened for the 1999-2000 school year. All school buildings have had repair or improvement projects recently.

All buildings provide instruction for computer literacy, access to technology and the Internet. The district installed a number of technology upgrades, and a fiber optic network.

We also offer preschool, ECFE, before and after school care, and general youth and adult classes through Community Education.


Title Name Phone
Superintendent of Schools Mr. Gary Amoroso 952-469-7100
Guidance Services Mr. John Boche 952-469-7988
Special Education Services Ms. Renae Ouillette 952-469-7104
Director of Fine Arts Mr. Byron Olson 952-469-7989
Athletic Director Mr. Byron Olson 952-469-7989
General Information Ms. Linda Swanson 952-469-7125
Gifted and Talented Director Ms. Karla McHugh 952-469-7230
Computer Education Director Mr. Greg Utecht 952-469-7111
Curriculum Ms. Barbara Knudsen 952-469-7336
High School Guidance Ms. Carol Clark 952-469-7993
High School Special Ed. Ms. Marne Berkvam 952-469-7985
High School Fine Arts Mr. Nate Earp 952-469-1685
High School Athletics Mr. Byron Olson 952-469-7989
High School Information Mrs. Julia Espe 952-469-7981
High School Gifted/Talented Mr. Ken Williams 952-469-7350
High School Computer Ed. Mr. Mark Pearson 952-469-7350


Elementary Schools No.Buildings:9 No. Students:4,941
Middle Schools No.Buildings:3 No. Students: 2,687
High Schools No. Buildings:1 No. Students: 3,459
Open Enrollment Yes
Student Staff Ratio:
Elementary Schools 22:1
Middle Schools 28:1
High Schools N/A
Expenditures Per
Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Bus Available: Yes
Hot Lunch:
Hot Lunch Available: Yes
Grading Policies
Elementary Schools Letter Grading
Middle Schools Letter Grading
High Schools Letter Grading
Percentage of Schools
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Percentage Staff
Bachelors: 100%
Masters: 68%
PhD’s: 3%
Certified Staff
Elem Art: No
Elem Phys. Ed: Yes
Elem Music: Yes
Elem Media: Yes
Number of Non-Athletic
Extracurricular Activities: 
Classes Offered:
Elementary School:
Band: Yes
Choir: Yes
French: Yes
Spanish: Yes
Middle School:
Band: Yes
Choir: Yes
Orchestra: No
French: Yes
Spanish: Yes
German: No
Adv. Computers: No
High School:
Band: Yes
Choir: No
Orchestra: No
French: No
Spanish: No
German: No
Adv. Computers No
Adv. Calculus: No
Ratio Students
to Computers:

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools
Learning Alternatives
Percentage of Seniors
who went to:
Community College 2 Year 28%
College or University 4 Year 63%
* Combined
ACT Statistics:
Average ACT Scores 22.7
Percentage of Students
taking ACT
SAT Statistics:
Average Math Score 569
Average Verbal Score 571
Percentage of Students
taking SAT
National Merit
Commended 12
Semi-Finalist 7
Finalist 0
Programs for Gifted
and Talented:
Education Classes Offered:
EBD, DCD ELL, SLD, ECSE and Autism
Baseball Boys Basketball Boys/Girls
Football Boys Ice Hockey Boys/Girls
Downhill Skiing N/A CC Skiing N/A
Tennis Boys/Girls Golf Boys/Girls
Softball Girls Sync Swimming N/A
Dance N/A Swimming Girls
Wrestling Boys Volleyball Girls
Track Boys/Girls CC Running Boys/Girls
Gymnastics Girls Soccer N/A
Broomball N/A
Dance Team N/A
Badminton N/A
Other: High School
Floor Hockey B/G, Ultimate Frisnee B/G
Intramural Programs:
Baseball N/A Soccer N/A
Basketball N/A Softball N/A
Lacrosse N/A Touch Football N/A
Other: Volleyball: N/A
Special Programs
worth mentioning:
Middle School: Theatre, Chess Clkub, Journalism,
Math Club, science Club, Academic Decathalon, Future Problem Solvers
High School: Theatre, Debate, Chess Club, Journalism,
Toast Masters, Math Club, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Academic Decathalon,
Future Problem Solvers, High Mileage Club, DECA