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Stillwater Area Public Scools

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(651) 351-8340
1875 Greeley Street South
Stillwater, MN 55082


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Welcome To Our School Community!

Stillwater Area Public Schools are an excellent choice for your child. The district is well known for a solid and rigorous K-12 curriculum that focuses on the expanded basics of reading, writing, math, logic and speaking. Student achievement on state and national tests rank among the best. Our students are also exceptional musicians and accomplished athletes.


Stillwater Area Public Schools (SAPS)

SAPS is home to the very first school house in Minnesota. Mind you, that doesn’t mean we’re still your great-grandfather’s school district! Our district stretches 30 miles along the St. Croix River.

Much has changed in our district. Members of the first graduating class received diplomas more than 130 years ago. Much will continue to change in the coming years. We’re constantly innovating and improving to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students. This is true both now and into the future. But one thing remains unchanged; our longstanding tradition of high expectations. As well as high standards and outstanding achievement. Neither of these will never be compromised.

Stillwater Area Public Schools offers the best of both worlds. It is large enough to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students. While maintaining a personal and caring education. The district strives to develop learners who are innovative and creative. Most important, students who are prepared for a rapidly changing world. Expectations are high and students of all abilities are challenged. While also being supported and motivated at every level – from early childhood through high school.


Curiosity Thrives Here!

The Stillwater Area Public School District has a long and proud tradition of high expectations and outstanding achievement. We rank among the highest-performing school districts in the state and offer:

  • Personal, caring staff committed to each learner
  • High expectations supported through curiosity and innovation
  • More choices and opportunities for students – both in the classroom and beyond
  • An exceptional reputation and unwavering tradition of excellence

Get to Know Our Schools

Our schools are safe and welcoming places where students receive personal attention from adults who care about them. Teachers get to know the learning styles and unique abilities of each student and thoughtfully design lessons that not only align with state standards, but take into consideration the needs of every child. Students are challenged, supported, encouraged, and engaged in lessons tailored to match their own educational needs and goals.

All of our students have big opportunities during the school day and beyond. In addition to the many gifted and talented, Advanced Placement and College in the Schools opportunities during the school day, students can also participate in award-winning fine arts and music performance groups, sports teams and numerous activities, clubs and academic teams.


Our Mission

The mission of Stillwater Area Public Schools, in partnership with students, family and community, is to develop curious individuals who are active and engaged leaders in an ever-changing world by challenging all students as they travel along their personalized learning pathways.

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Welcome to Stillwater Area Public Schools!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our school district and our outstanding schools. Stillwater is the oldest school district in the state of Minnesota. Since the first one-room school house was established in 1848 we’ve been building a long, rich history of quality education for our students.

The very best part of my job as superintendent is visiting with our students and watching the incredible teaching that takes place in our classrooms. Our students are naturally curious, and we encourage them to ask why, to explore how, and to wonder “what if.” We know that curious minds solve complex problems, and we’re dedicated to helping our students become creative, innovative and passionate.

We have an outstanding teaching staff committed to knowing students personally and helping to meet their unique needs. We provide numerous opportunities in academics, arts and athletics for students to explore their interests and develop passions, and we have an expectation of success for every learner.

Throughout the years our residents have demonstrated their desire to live in one of the best school districts in Minnesota. We support each other and we learn from each other. Where you find a great community, you can be assured there are outstanding schools.

Please stop in and visit!

Denise Pontrelli
Superintendent of Schools

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