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Saint Anthony School District
Saint Anthony | New Brighton

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Thinking about moving to the area? ENROLLMENT INFORMATION

Welcome to the St. Anthony – New Brighton School District.  The school board, administration and staff appreciate your interest in our district.  We want to encourage you to learn more about the exceptional programs and services we offer our students and families.


Saint Anthony | New Brighton School District (SANBSD)

SANBSD serves the city of St. Anthony Village. As well as a portion of New Brighton. We are located six miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis.  The smallest geographic school district in Minnesota, serving over 1700 students.

We are committed to maximizing the academic and social development of all students. In order to achieve these goals we place a high focus on developing and then maintaining these skills. This also includes maintaining strong partnerships with families and also the greater community.

Dedicated to offering an amazing experience for all students.  At our district, students get a strong foundation for academic success. Not just an exceptional academic experience but one where each student will find they are an important and unique. As well as a talented member of our school community.

District 282 has a wide variety of academic and extracurriculars for our students.  Our staff has worked hard to create a timeline of courses. Those that prepare students to take advanced classes during their time with us.


St. Anthony Community Services provides Early Childhood programs for children ages three- to five-years of age, a before- and after-school extended day program for youth in grades K-6, family and parent education programs, after-school youth programming and activities for adults and senior citizens.

Wilshire Park Elementary is committed to maximizing the academic and social development of all students. In order to achieve these goals, we place a high emphasis on developing, and then maintaining, strong partnerships with families and also the greater community.  At Wilshire Park, students in grades K-5 experience curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  The goals of our STEM program are as follows: Provide a rigorous and dynamic standards-based learning experience, Develop conceptual knowledge, inquiry skills, and innovative thinking, Foster a growth mindset to increase motivation and productivity, and address equity in STEM education that includes issues of access, pedagogy, and curriculum. The academic program at Wilshire Park also includes a literacy program encompassing the strategy of Guided Reading.  Other program highlights include a gifted and talented program, an All Day Kindergarten option, music including band and choir, and art.

St. Anthony Middle School (SAMS) is committed to offering an exceptional experience for all students.  At SAMS, students receive a strong foundation for academic success in their core classes (Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies).  With courses like Spanish, eTech, and a strong music program, students also receive a rigorous, rich, and diverse curriculum beyond the traditional classes.  However, it’s not just an exceptional academic experience students receive at SAMS,  but one where each student will find they are an important, unique, and talented member of our school community.  As one of our teachers recently shared, “When kids leave SAMS, they will have finished one of the most challenging stages of their young lives.  However, because of the efforts of many adults, the kids will be prepared to face the challenges that await them, not just in school, but in their lives.”

St. Anthony Village High School has a wide variety of academic and extracurricular offering for our students.  Our staff has worked to develop sequences of courses that prepare students to take advanced coursework during their time in high school.  We offer 11 Advanced Placement courses in 5 general areas of study – Science, Math, English, Social Studies, and Art.   Also, our students may take up to 4 levels of French or 5 levels of Spanish – Spanish 4 and 5 being offered for University of Minnesota college credit through College in the Schools.  Aspiring engineers, as well as students with vocational aptitude, will find our 7 STEM classes ideal.  In these classes, students learn about design, construction and fabrication.  Advanced students will write programming to fabricate parts on state of the art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.  We also offer numerous CTE (Career Technology Education) courses where students receive training in computer applications, cooking and fashion.  Our numerous clubs, activities and athletic programs provide opportunities for our students to be actively engaged  after school.  The goal of St. Anthony Village High School is that every student graduate have an advanced academic experience that will prepare them for college and well on the way to the career of their choice.

Thank you for your interest in St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools.

Dr. Renee Corneille

A Message from our Superintendent Dr. Renee Corneille

Dear Parent and Community members,
Life is a series of transitions and, as our community and its residents embark on
new challenges and opportunities for growth, so does the St. Anthony-New Brighton
School District.  As our children transition into preschool at St. Anthony Community Services,
kindergarten at Wilshire Park, sixth grade at St. Anthony Middle School, or 9th grade
at St. Anthony Village High School, each year signifies growth and new learning.
For parents in our community, as our children grow each day, our parenting is
challenged and we adjust to best meet their needs. As our students, especially St.
Anthony Village High School’s Class of 2018, transition to the next phase of their
educational career, they are ready. As the adults in their lives, we have the privilege
of continuing to love and support our children as they grow and learn.
In the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District, we are committed to the success of
all learners. Through that commitment, we continue to examine our practices to
ensure we are engaging, inspiring, challenging and supporting each learner
through innovation and collaboration. We have a responsibility to welcome all
children when they arrive to school each day. We also have a responsibility to
ensure all children feel safe at school. We know that learning is most likely to
happen only when children feel safe. We continue to ensure our schools are
safe places for all children.

As young families move into our community, Wilshire Park is transitioning into a larger elementary school. Thanks to our voters, who supported the September 2017 referendum by a 2 to 1 margin, construction is underway at Wilshire Park Elementary School. The new classrooms will be ready to welcome our children when they arrive on the first day of
school in September 2018.  Finally, the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District is transitioning leadership. Superintendent Laney retired on June 30, 2018, after serving six years in our school district and contributing 39 years to the field of education.  Thank you Mr. Laney for leading our schools, mentoring our staff and children, and insisting that we continue to
pursue excellence in our small, caring environment.  To our community, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to our partnership.

Dr. Renee Corneille, Superintendent

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