Richfield Public Schools- District 280

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Richfield Public Schools

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(612) 798-6000
7001 Harriet Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423
Richfield Public Schools

Richfield Public Schools (RPS)

RPS provides a world-class education with a small-town feel. Our class sizes are among the lowest in the entire metro area. Our schools provide small, personalized, nurturing and stimulating learning environments.  With teachers who build strong relationships with families. Teachers and support staff attend to each child’s unique learning needs. Whether a child benefits from additional supports or the additional challenges provided by a rigorous curriculum. We also provide a strong gifted and talented program. We meet your child where they are at and work with you to guide them to the next level. Most important, we believe that valuing our diverse backgrounds fosters unity and empowers all.

The RPS community is a proud one. Containing a rich tradition of hard work and excellence. We have high expectations of our school community. While also embracing the privilege of helping each student realize their potential. We work to deliver world-class academic and social experience for our students. While also expecting the same effort from them.


Our Mission

Our mission can be defined by three words: Dreams. Relationships. Excellence.


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