Minneapolis Public Schools- District 1

School District Name:
Minneapolis Public Schools

https://mpls.k12.mn.us/ (Coverage Map)

Contact Information

(612) 668-0000
1250 West Broadway Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS)

MPS believes that students learn from the start of their day to the end. This includes growth through the day. We teach more than 35,000 in our district. Turning everyday achievement into student achievement. Additionally, MPS embraces diversity in our students. This is proven with our staff and the programs we offer. It is our belief that this speeds up the learning process. We serve students and their families. The largest city in Minnesota.We offer students and families a wide range of tools to make their education successful.

MPS is an urban school district located in Minnesota’s largest city. There are schools near every neighborhood. If not, in every neighborhood. We embrace diversity in our students. As well as in our staff and programs. Most important, constantly working hard to encourage learning. This is true about everything we do. From early childhood education. Also, to give early college credits. This is done to encourage career preparation. MPS ensures a safe and welcoming environment. Which learners can grow to become confident global citizens.


Our Vision

To prepare every child for college. As a result, their career.


Minneapolis Public Schools Promise

MPS promises to inspire through education. To do so in a safe and welcoming environment. And to do so for all diverse learners to acquire the tools and skills necessary to confidently enter the global community.


Our Mission

We ensure that all students learn. Supporting their growth into knowledge and skills. Ensuring confidence and capability in succeeding in their work. This includes personal and family. As well as in the Minneapolis community.




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