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Mahtomedi Public Schools

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(651) 407-2000
1520 Mahtomedi Avenue
Mahtomedi, MN 55115


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About Mahtomedi Public Schools (ISD 832)
Thank you for your interest in Mahtomedi Public Schools. We have a lot to be proud of — our students consistently perform among the best in Minnesota from the MCA III science test to the ACT test to our Advanced Placement exams. These students are guided by a hardworking and dedicated staff and an extremely supportive community that values high-quality education.


Mahtomedi Public Schools (MPS)

MPS has so much to be proud of. Our students regularly perform among the best in Minnesota. Led by a hardworking and dedicated staff. As well as a supportive community. A community that values quality education. All students have a beneficial impact on their community.

What happens in our classrooms each day is what makes our district what it is. Where our talented teachers work with students. To nurture a culture of excellence. We strive for continuous improvement. To ensure our students will know how their authentic strengths will impact the needs of the world.


Our Mission

Our community of courageous hearts is dedicated to inspiring student excellence. To ensure that each student is successfully pursuing their passions while also advancing the greater good. We will define learning and teaching without barriers.


Our Vision

MPS is constantly looking to challenge our students. As well as to engage and inspire. These are the three key main goals in our vision. We work each day to achieve this vision. We do this by being an inclusive community. One that honors each unique individual. Most important, embrace diverse backgrounds. We value all students and families. As well as our wonderful staff.

What makes Mahtomedi Public Schools truly great, however, is what happens in our classrooms every day. This is where our committed, talented teachers and staff members work with students to nurture a culture of excellence that has become the expectation and norm. With this in mind and with an eye to the future as we strive for continuous improvement, we focus on future-ready skills:

  • Creating, innovating and turning ideas into action
  • Thinking critically and problem solving
  • Collaborating and leading with influence
  • Communicating effectively
  • Accessing and analyzing information
  • Embracing and adapting to change
  • Inspiring curiosity and imagination

Engage, challenge, and inspire are three key words in our district vision statement. Each day we work to achieve this vision by being an inclusive community that honors each unique individual, embraces diverse backgrounds, and values all students, families, and staff members.

I invite you to visit our schools and experience firsthand Mahtomedi’s environment of academic excellence and commitment to ensure every student confidently says, “I belong.”


Contact: Barb Duffrin, Superintendent
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Mahtomedi Public Schools Strategic Plan
Mahtomedi’s Strategic Plan was developed by a Planning Team and Action Teams. Close to 100 individuals were involved in the Strategic Planning process. Individuals participating in the process included parents, teachers, staff, alumni, students, and community leaders and members. Several themes emerged from our Strategic Planning process: our desire for students to define their own futures and pursue their passions as agents of their own learning, our commitment to inclusive and empathetic communities, the importance of a broad worldview, and the value of civic and community engagement.

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