Jordan Public Schools- District 717

School District Name:
Jordan Public Schools

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Contact Information

(952) 492-6200
500 Sunset Drive
Jordan, MN 55352

Jordan Public Schools (JPS)

JPS has a great student and family friendly campus. Home to roughly 1,900 students. Not to mention, we have great facilities. We are also located near many residential areas. Including historic downtown. Which is home to a new public library.

Students regularly score at the top of the State. Have strong classes in core classes. Which includes, a wide range of elective courses. These courses allow the students to explore different areas of interest.


Summit Academy at JPS

Students also have the option to take professional courses. With classes that combine general education and real world learning. These programs will greatly benefit students. From a partnership with local business owners. Professionals from the community are also included. The material is made relevant by giving students access to many career fields. This is encouraged through guest instructors. As well as project management, even mentorships.


Our Belief

We believe that very student has the right to a free education. Not just free, great! To be given the right materials. Taught techniques and provided a safe environment. At JPS all students will learn and succeed.


Our Mission

Inspire a Caring Community. One ready to inspire learning. One ready to innovate. Most important, success.



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