Breck School

123 Ottawa Ave N
Golden Valley, MN 55422
763.381.8100 – Main
763.381.8200 – Admissions

Breck School is a preschool-12, private school where all grades are joined together in one vibrant community on our beautiful campus in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

When perpetually learning students encounter our perpetually learning school, they see the very process of learning not just as a prerequisite for success, but the lens through which they view the entire world.

Mission and Vision

Breck is an Episcopal, coeducational, college-preparatory day school enrolling students of diverse backgrounds in grades preschool through twelve.

Our mission is to

Prepare each student for a college whose culture is compatible with the individual’s needs, interests and abilities.
Help develop each student’s unique talents and potential to excel by nurturing independence and self-worth.
Instill in each student a deep sense of social responsibility.

Our Values

Breck believes in a strong system of values under which the school operates. We believe:
  • First – That each student is unique and has special talents and capabilities.
  • Second – That each student’s potential best realized by a challenging academic program and appropriate support.
  • Third – that each student’s intellectual growth can happen by the acquisition of knowledge, analytical and language skills, the development of creative and critical thinking, and the cultivation of artistic appreciation and expression.
  • Fourth – That the student’s physical and emotional growth are important in the development and pursuit of potential.
  • Fifth – That each student’s life enriched in a diverse community where differences among people are recognized and appreciated.
  • Sixth – That each student should develop spiritual and ethical values and his or her relationship with God.
  • Seventh – That each student should accept responsibility for the common good and develop a desire to contribute to those in need.


Also, there are a variety of ways to familiarize yourself with the Breck experience. For instance, larger admission events, to individual tours and applicant visit days. Also, we offer multiple opportunities for parents, guardians, and students to assess if Breck provides the educational community you seek.

If you submit an application all families will need to visit the campus as part of the application process. It should be noted, visit requirements vary slightly based on the student’s grade of entry. Please visit the Apply section of our website for grade specific visit requirements and to start an application. Once an application gets started, available visit dates by grade scheduled via the application portal. For families with more than one child applying, please contact the Admissions Office directly to schedule your childrens’ day visits.

Lastly, our public online scheduling system displays available campus tour appointments and admission events by date. Importantly, admission visits, application testing, will be viewable in the portal once you start the application process. Absolutely, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our visit schedule and which events would prove most informative for your family. We are happy to assist you with scheduling a visit and look forward to welcoming you to campus.





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