Bais Yaakov High School

Bais Yaakov is a small, Orthodox high school for girls that offers both a Judaic and secular education.  The school enrolled 22 students in 2008-09.

Bias Yaakov High School

Bais Yaakov High School

4221 Sunset Blvd. 

St. Louis Park, MN 

(952) 915-9117

Board and Staff

What does it mean to be a welcoming Jewish community?  The panel defined welcoming as

First, person-centered, not organization-centered

Second, active, not passive

Third, including multiple approaches and ways for people to engage

Fourth, uniting people around a shared purpose

And lastly, incorporating tikkun olam (repair of the world) through Torah, avodah (worship) and g’milut  chasadim (acts of loving kindness)

Panel Status

Importantly, the panel’s charge was to develop recommendations to strengthen the Greater St. Paul Jewish community. Beginning with, connecting community members with each other and to our synagogues, agencies and community organizations.

Additionally, listening Session data revealed concerns about community exclusivity. Unsatisfactory outreach, and a general lack of cooperation among Jewish organizations. In addition, the panel looked at the current state of affairs. While, learning to engage in similar work locally and nationally, and identified realistic recommendations for a path forward.

St. Paul Jewish Federation What We Do

Also, for thousands of years, the Jewish people have had a tradition of taking care of those in need. For example, that tradition continues through the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul. Every day, our work is felt by millions both here in greater St. Paul. And also, throughout the world.

Working with our beneficiary agencies. Federation nurtures and educates our children. While maintaining and strengthening Jewish families. Also bringing comfort and care to the elderly. And reinforcing our connection to the Jewish community.


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