School Finder

Minnesota Schools presents “School Finder”… your online tool for information on Public and Private Schools, Specialized Schools, Preschools and Daycare in the Minneapolis & St Paul, Minnesota and Metropolitan area.

If there is any additional information you would like to see in our school information, please email Jeff.

  • Pre-Schools & Child Care 
    Here is a list of some available preschool and daycare in the Twin Cities area. Please research these since they aren’t recommended, only listed.
  • School Districts
    An in-depth list of school districts in the Twin Cities and out-state area. Access detailed information on class sizes, courses offered, test results and extracurricular activities offered.
  • Colleges 
    Here is a list of Minnesota Colleges, their locations, and link to their website if it is available. Many are ranked nationally and provide a wonderful education filled with an abundance activates, both sport and academic opportunities and in a safe environment.
  • Private Schools Here is a comprehensive list of the Private Primary Schools, High Schools, and Colleges in the state of Minnesota. Many are ranked nationally and provide a wonderful education filled with an abundance activates, both sport and academic opportunities in a safe environment.